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Characters Gone Wild!

God damnit! Nooooo!

*tries desperately to yank AlternaXander back from the edge*

Nononononono you miserable sunuvabitch. Do. Not. Go. There.


This is called: Point of no return, you bastard!

I did not expect that from you. Nope. Not at all.

*attemps to drag character back from the edge*

If Xander even hears a peep about what you just said, he will go friggin' nuclear. There will be no pieces of you left to be found. They might find a tooth. Maybe some strips of burned skin, but not much else.

Be vewy, vewy glad that he's fighting for his life in a hospital room otherwise, you? You would be dead. Really. And he wouldn't feel guilty about it, either.

It's official. I've been writing Water Hold Me Down for too damn long.

*breaks out flamethrower and menaces AlternaXander with it*

Needless to say, the next part is gonna be a leeeeetle delayed. Something tells me that I really need to look at this part because...ummmmm....


Apologies to everyone on the FList for being scarce. Who'd figure that the next part, what was supposed to be a simple linking part, would get so badly out of hand. And here I was worried about the part after this.

Yeah. Shows you what I know.

I mean, Xander has his flaws, but daaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnn...even I'm not too sure about this.
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