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We Have Met the Evil Empire, and It Is US


Let me get this straight:

I live in in "Taxachusetts" (hereafter called: "The People's Republic of Massachusetts"), right?

That would be the state that supposedly taxes all us poor deluded libuhruhls into submission, right?

Then there is the Federal Government (hereafter called: "The Evil Empire"), right?

The Federal Government that basically gives away money to mega corporations and the rich on the theory that there's some trickle-down at work.

Riddle me this, oh riddler?

Why am I paying the Evil Empire everything that I earned from Borders for the entire year?

As in, the entire amount that's on my W-2 from my piddly little once-every-other-month part-time job.

Yet, I'm getting a refund from The People's Republic of Massachusetts that's equal to less than half what I'm paying The Evil Empire.

*whams on The Evil Empire*

I even invested in Turbo Tax this year to catch all my potential deductables. Didn't do a damn bit of good.

Considering that my tax dollars may end up helping to pay for a nuclear first strike on Iran, although there's some hurried half-assed anonymous denials coming out, I'm just a leeeeetle pissed about giving The Evil Empire a penny.

If it was anyone other than Seymour Hersh who broke the story, and if the administrative branch of our government was just a little less batshit insane, and if the legislative branch of our government actually had a fucking spine, I'd be a lot less likely to believe it.

Just when I think my tinfoil hat has been wrapped too tight, this shit comes out.
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