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I called the looming gas shortage on Wednesday.

Remember when I mentioned that I've been spotting scattered signs that the U.S. might be heading for a gas shortage?

Remember my poll?

Remember I mentioned this on Wednesday?

Now is the time to mention:

Sometimes I really, really hate being right.

Granted, the cause cited in the Reuters article cites the "transition to a new anti-smog gasoline blend using corn-based ethanol as an additive" for the current crop of gas shortages. However, it seems to me that I've been seeing warning signs of a coming problem long before the past few days.

I'm not convinced that this going to settle down at all once the "distribution" issues for the new gas are worked out. I think we're going to see lines this summer that'll rival the Carter-era gas crunch (or at least what I can remember of it in my very, very dim and very, very young childhood memories).

And if our sociopath-in-chief decides to drop a bomb on Iran in the next month or two...well, we can all kiss cheap and possibly plentiful gas goodbye.

*hugs my Saturn and its 38 mpg*
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