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White Knight Awards

whiskyinmind has officially announced the The White Knight Awards Round 4 Winners.

Let me congratulate all the winners on my FList, including annakovsky, bastardsnow, crazydiamondsue, entrenous88 (Best Overall Author, chica! Double congrats!); fiareynne, keith5by5, julia_here, lit_gal, lwbush, naol, nwhepcat (And double yay! The Ballad of Carl Whitman, the Remix/Redux of my story Revelations that she wrote last year won something!); redrikki, sunnyd_lite, as well as anyone else on my Flist that I might have missed.

Here are some pretties that I got under the cut:

I was the runner-up to entrenous88 in this category. Congrats, chica!

I'm honestly surprised Facing the Heart in Darkness won this one, since I didn't expect it to even make runner-up. All the stories in this particular category were really top-notch.

This one is another huge surprise, if only because Whisper is coming up on its 4-year anniversary. It still thrills me that people keeping finding Whisper and nominating it.

Another one for Whisper.

Yes, I plan to finish Water Hold Me Down this year. I promise. Really. *sneaks away with pretty prize*

Congrats to the other winners again, and a big "thank you" to whiskyinmind for again organizing the awards and making the plaques.
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