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Hooray! Where you can find me besides LJ

I am now liz_marcs on JournalFen, thanks to System offering to rename people en masse if you leave a comment at the link. I suspect this offer is the result of a lot of people signing up with JournalFen due to LJ/6A going weird on us.

Yayness! Now I can crosspost without Semagic freezing up on me.

Aside from LJ (where I'm pre-paid until July 2008), you can find me at:

  • liz_marcs at InsaneJournal. I'm planning to be more a lot active here than I have been in the past and I do plan to slowly make this my main journal.

  • liz_marcs at GreatestJournal. This journal is mostly back-up for LJ and IJ in case both go down for whatever reason. I'm not planning to be too terribly active here.

  • liz_marcs at JournalFen. This journal is primarily going to be to back up my fanfiction and other fanish posts. Not so much the rest of it.

Hurrah! *wipes brow*
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