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No, Calling Someone a "Wop" is NOT Okay

Dear Television Without Pity,

Calling a television character a "wop" is NOT okay. It is NOT OKAY on an epic scale. It isn't even okay when your last name ends in a vowel (read: Italian for idiots like your Supernatural recapper) and you're calling someone else whose last name ends in a vowel a "wop."

Calling someone a dago? Not okay either. Waaaaaay not okay.

Calling someone a "guido" is iffy. Okay if your last name ends in a vowel, but so not okay if you're not in the Italian-by-blood club. It's not even okay if you're in the Italian-by-marriage club. Italian-by-blood only, got me? Otherwise, there will be blood, and it sure as shit will be the non-Italian in the equation.

Goombah is okay, because it's more a personality type than it is an actual, oh, ethnic slur, like the afore-mentioned "wop" and "dago" and (sometimes) "guido."

Now, if you had used those ethnic slur terms (like pow-pow-pow on one page) just in this spot as a commentary on how Supernatural does not do ethnic characters well, I'd get it. I wouldn't be happy reading that bullshit over my morning bagel, but I'd get that you were making a point.

But to call a character a "wop" through most of the freakin' episode summary?

How the hell did that get by your internal brain filters? Let alone the site editors? I mean, everyone thought that this was perfectly okay to let something like that go? Are you shitting me?

Look, I know Italians in the U.S. aren't exactly an ethnic minority, but Jesus Christ! You can't possibly think that calling an Italian character from Brooklyn, no matter how stereotypical, a "wop" or a "dago" is at all okay. And considering you kept using the word "wop," I'm not willing to give you a bye on that "guido," either.

Jesus Christ.

And yeah, I'm emailing a complaint. Dickwad.

No love for you ever,

Liz, whose real-life last name ends in a vowel, along with half my relatives

P.S. — I am most certainly am not, and never have been a "wop" or a "dago," and I'm most certainly the wrong sex for being a "guido." I have, on occasion, been a goombah. Which you're about to find out. Jesus.
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