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Scenes from a Presidential Primary

Cast of Characters

  • Our Heroine (OH)
  • Our Heroine's Mother (OHM)

Our Heroine's Mother (OHM): I'm still stunned that Barak Obama won Iowa. That state's something like 95% white.

Our Heroine (OH): Ummmm, okay. What does being white have to do with voting for who you think is the best candidate? I mean, Obama's my second choice, so I wouldn't have caucused for him in Iowa since Edwards is my number one, but still...

OHM: Honey, this is Iowa. All those white people voted for a black man.

OH: I think you're confusing Iowa with Southie.

OHM: I'm kind of worried about him, actually. I can't imagine he's going to win New Hampshire.

OH: Actually, Obama has a decisive lead in New Hampshire.

OHM: No! That cannot possibly be right. Are you sure?

OH: He's something like 10 points ahead of Clinton.

OHM: In New Hampshire?

OH: I know. I can't believe it either.

OHM: This is New Hampshire we're talking about, right? The same New Hampshire we all know and loathe, right?

OH: Nashua's not so bad.

OHM: Only because that's where all the normal people live.

OH: Well, I have to admit that you could knock me over with a feather when Obama was welcomed like a rock star in Milford, N.H., of all places.

OHM: Milford? Are you kidding? I remember when you lived in Milford. I can't imagine him getting any love there.

OH: Tell me about it. I was completely shocked. Who knew there were that many Democrats in Milford?

OHM: I can't believe it. Milford. The times, they really are a-changing.

OH: Could've knocked me over with a feather when I saw a sea of blue in Milford. I mean, I was pretty sure all the Democrats moved out of town when they instituted an open hunting season on anyone with a "D" after their name on the voting roles.
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