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If I Am Incommunicado...

My home computer is in the shop because of corrupted files that went way beyond my ability to fix. (Gah!)

I mean way, way beyond...

It could be worse, could've lost everything. As it is, I (at most) maybe lost 2 weeks' worth of data.

I'll be petting my 500 GB back-up drive now, as well as my 1 GB and 2 GB memory sticks. Between all my various back-ups for various things, I've ultimately lost nothing except a couple of MP3 files.

Ummmm, I have to go back to work now. No telling when my home computer will get sprung from "the joint" since I managed to do more damage trying to "fix it" than if I just brought it to Staples Tech Support right away.


At least they're running the diagnostics now.

Maybe I'll get it back tomorrow (I hope) since I figure while I'm there, I might as well upgrade the memory.

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