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Hmmmm, about that "stimulus payment..."

I knew (vaguely) that the insane bribe payoff bread and circus econimic stimulus payment was up to $600, as opposed to a solid $600 per person (plus $300 per kid under the age of 17).

Weeeeelllll, the IRS has decided to provide a calculator so you can find out how much of a bribe payment you're going to get, so, y'know, when you find out just how little you're actually going to get back you won't be calling the IRS to scream at them.

Guess who's among those who are not getting $600. Guess who's not going to be even getting anything close to that.

[ETA: I'm not making anywhere close to the magical cut-off point of $75,000, so don't be thinking I've got moneybags, y'all. Yet, the IRS calculator keeps insisting that I'll be one of those who won't be getting the full amount.]

What do you want to bet that you're not getting it either?

Anyone else smell something distinctly funny about the fact that "$600" keeps getting repeated over and over again, but there's a very good chance that few, if any, people will actually get the full amount?

Just me then, hunh?

Seriously, why the fuck is the federal government even bothering with this? I can think of a thousand ways this "economic stimulus payment" could be better spent. (A WPA program for rebuilding the nation's infrastructure would be a good start. How about investment in technology to decrease the nation's oil dependence?)

The fact that, like everything else with the past 8 years, this waste of public money is surrounded by misinformation, lies, and propaganda is just icing on the cake. I suspect a lot of people will be far, far less happy with the bribe payola once they find out that their check is going to be smaller than they expect.

So, if you're curious, and want to find out how much money the you'll actually be getting in your economic stimulus check:

Go play with the Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator on the IRS Web site
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