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This is why some cars are red and some cars are green...

Leverage is so incredibly...*bleh*

And this is from someone who likes movies and books about con men. I'm supposed to be the target audience for this show.

Now granted I missed the 2-hour premiere, but I have watched no less than 3 episodes via video-on-demand. And I also admit that my delay in even trying Leverage has a lot to do with the fact that I know shows like this tend to go down like a rollercoaster somewhere around mid-season because it's a hard show to keep fresh.

But since just about all of my FList has been wibbling about it, I figured that maybe it was an exception. Can I just say that I am somewhat disappointed? I was expecting something slightly more entertaining and slightly less boring.

The actors are reasonably likeable, true, but that's just about the only thing it has going for it. (Also an unpopular opinion: Christian Kane is kind of the weak link in this show. I'm not sure if the fault lies with the character or the actor.)

But let's be honest here: It's The A-Team with 10 more IQ points.

I confidently predict that by the beginning Season 2, the Leverage gang is going to be building the con man equivalent of a tank every single week.


You know, you'd think I'd be used to be the odd person out in fandom by now. Firefly bores the tits off me (I always could guess the ending within the first 10 minutes of an episode). Supernatural enrages me due to its sexist/racist issues (They say it's better this year, but they said the same thing last year, the year I nearly put my fist through the television). And I kept unfavorably comparing Smallville to Lois & Clark.


I'll be over here at the Leverage h8terz table ---> Table for 1
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