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Unemployment: Day 2 Redux

I decided to ditch going to the unemployment office today because I'm going to be there all day tomorrow.

Let's see: Arrive before 10 a.m. so I can have my resume critiqued by a career counselor in a scheduled meeting, then open my unemployment claim, then work on the computer a bit and send out at least one well-crafted and "to-order" resume for a company with a job where I fit the qualifications to a "T" (I found several, but this one looks really cool), then go in for the "how to interview" 2-hour workshop.

Today, I had to return a book I accidentally took home with me yesterday to my former employer, then I hit the Y and exercised for an hour, now I'm off to Staples to order my business cards (I'm ordering two sets, one that says Writer/Editor and the other says Medical Writer) and bring in my (thankfully still under warranty) laptop which is suddenly missing a return key. Bwah?

In any case, I'm up and out the door early tomorrow (I want to hit the Y before heading up to the career center) and probably won't be back until late.
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