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GIP: I Feel Like I'm Cheating on Buffy


I have the overwhelming urge to houseclean and update my icons to reflect new fandom loves.

Which I won't do. Because I'm too damn busy between work, school (this semester is Biotech 101!), an ill parental unit, and overwhelming mess in my apartment, and jogging (only way to clear one's head to do homework).

So, yeah.

Still, if anyone could point me towards some half-way decent icons for Psych, Community, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, Fringe, Sons of Anarchy...

I'm sure I'll think of more.

Also, is it me, or has Livejournal (and Dreamwidth, somewhat) turned into a ghost town. I remember the time when if I didn't check in every day I would be so hopelessly behind that I'd run out of "previous pages" before I ran out of new posts.

Today? I haven't been on in about a week. I caught up with new posts in less 4 pages. I load 35 posts per page, so that's less than 140 new posts. In a week.

In the meantime, Tumblr seems to have taken over fandom. I'm still not sure how I feel about it overall. I think it severely limits the ability to get actively involved in fandom and it most certainly limits people's ability to talk to each other, debate, and otherwise exchange ideas. It's a very, very shallow presentation of fandom.

However, the graphic-heavy nature of Tumblr also allows for a broader spectrum of people to become involved, most notably people who appear to have learned English by watching American and British television on Da Internets.

And they've learned it very, very well. Well enough that I'm hard-pressed to tell the difference between a native-speaker and one who isn't.

One thing Tumblr has going for it: It's a low investment for involvement which, as you can see from my list of "things that make my life far fuller than it should be", is about all I have time for when it comes to fandom.

In any case, if you've got a toe in Tumblr, you can find me here. I don't really do anything original. Just reblog the pretty and maybe make a snarky comment or two. That's about it.

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I think some bits of LJ are quiet - but I have made new friends, got involved in an older fandom of mine, and from 11.00pm last night to 6.45 tonight there are 75+ posts for me to read.

But so many people now only post once every month or so - and so there is, of course, less to read than there used to be.

I am trying to average at least 10 posts a month - I was never a big poster anyway.
In my case, it's simple lack of time. I have a job that's incredibly busy (unlike my previous job which did have downtime) and where half my time isn't even spent at my desk. Plus I'm going back to school for a science degree (I've reached the point in my career where saying I have a bachelor's in journalism is downright embarrassing to admit). And I have an ill parent where, even though I'm not there, I have to play flying buttress of support on an almost nightly basis.

Plus, I think my taste in television has changed somewhat.

It all comes down to a vicious time squeeze for me that I've only just now gotten around to admitting to. So posting has been a sporadic at best thing for me for the past year, year-and-a-half.
I seem to be something of an oddity - I would never dream of accessing LJ, or anything else non-work related, at work and hardly ever talk about television either there or on my journal!

I totally recognise being the support network for an elderly parent - but fortunately both my sister and I live within 40 minutes drive of Mum, and the three granddaughters are all willing to step into the breach if we are both off-island at the same time.

I think Dreamwidth did no favours either, even though it was started with the best intentions - it is still a bit of a ghost town, and if you post there you may get a reply or two, but you may not... there seems to be a lower level of comments as part of the culture or really almost no-one reads there - but it drew some people away from LJ and so there are fewer commenting here in certain circles too, which discourages more posting and so on.

But, in all honesty, it takes people posting to keep the communities here alive - so most of my 'middle aged Mums' group still post, we still natter and we are quite happy - whereas other groups have moved on. I wonder what is happening to some of them, sometimes, so it is nice to see people like yourself posting occasionally just to know that you aren't dead.

Deleted comment

It's a fairly simple microblogging concept, but it's probably the first time where I actually feel the generation gap between "Internet natives" (people who've never known a world without computers and Internet connectivity) and "Internet immigrants" (people who barely remember a world without computers but definitely remember a time when they weren't networked) and "Internet visitors" (people who well remember a time without computers, let alone something as simple as email).

Most of the population on Tumblr are definitely "Internet natives", I fall pretty firmly in the "Internet immigrant" grouping. It's a bit disconcerting feeling that difference, that's for sure. Tumblr has its dark corners (just as LJ does), and it is a hell of a lot easier to accidentally wander into those corners than any other platform I've seen. It's also just as easy to block it from your dashboard.

However, even the most docile microblogger on your dashboard will sometimes throw out a NSFW post, and since there's no equivalent of an lj-cut on Tumblr...yeeeaaaaaah. I wouldn't recommend browsing the site, say, during your lunch break at work.

Overall, the learning curve for the platform itself is pretty intuitive, which is probably why there's a huge English-as-a-second and -third language population over there. And seeing their POV on things (not to mention the overwhelming love some of the young 'uns in have for American and British television) is fascinating to see. Which I suppose is kind of the draw for me.

Reblogging is better than I've managed in my tenure so far in Tumblrville (more than a year). I am a HARDCORE lurker on Tumblr. I keep thinking I need a THEME for it. . . .

LJ has gotten quieter, lots of people wandering off. I'm curious to see if Tumblr is where my fannish interests wander next, or if it'll end up somewhere else entirely -- honestly, it's stuck around on LJ for far longer than most of the other platforms I've interacted with fandom with over the years.

Mmmm, evolution.

I agree on the depth of content/discussion thing, though. I think fandom as a whole is still working out how to get past surface level squee in the microblogging world.
I think when I first came onto LJ *mumble mumble* years ago, most of the people in my circle were either people in college or young-ish professionals with disposable time. There was a good chunk of people who were adults with families and jobs, to be sure, but they were pretty outnumbered.

Part of it, I think, is that some of the population has "aged out" as more and more demands have been placed on their time (as in my case), of they've followed new fandoms to the new platforms. Also, I think the proliferation of LJ-like platforms with less controlling owners have also helped with the drain, although I'm seeing use drop off on those platforms as well.

To be honest, my new fanish interests don't seem to have a lot of presence on LJ, otherwise I'd be doing slightly more than the lurking I'm doing these days.

Also, one thing I really love about Tumblr is that there seem to be a bigger percentage of non-Americans, so seeing their point of view on different things is interesting to say the least. (I'm personally stunned at the number of non-Americans who love the ever-loving shit out of Community, Parks and Recreation, and Breaking Bad. They strike me as so quintessentially American as television shows go that I'm surprised the they translate as well as they do.)
Considering the generations-long domination of American media on the global market, I'm less surprised by the amount of crossover a lot of American shows have abroad. One of the things I adore about new and streaming media is how many inroads other markets are making into American culture. Korean media is especially doing well, from what I've seen.

I agree on the aging out thing, though. When I got started in fandom in general, I was one of the youngest around, but I seem to now be on the older end of the primary spectrum, which puts a lot of people right smack in the middle of really building their lives, be it through romance, careers, parenting, etc. It really cuts down on the amount of time for fannish fun times, which can make surface level graphic heavy fannish activity more appealing, too.

A lot of new fandoms seem to be making more inroads into other social networking sites rather than LJ. A lot of the fic I'm seeing seems to have migrated to AO3 (I'm still not in love with that platform, mostly on the graphic design end, but it's at least pretty functional and as you say, not so controlling), while everything else gets lumped together over on Tumblr. One of these days, I'll get around to participating more than with two total entries. I can't really speak much to the community of it all when I'm just hanging on the fridges watching.


September 26 2012, 14:38:06 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  September 26 2012, 14:41:32 UTC

I enjoy Tumblr for the graphics which, with the exception of icons, you rarely see here. I love the gif and photo sets people do, not just for fandom but for politics and other pop culture things as well. I do wish it was a better platform for discussion, though. I have engaged with folks who have that Disqus app installed, but so few have it and the character limit on the ask box makes it extremely difficult to have a conversation. And as much as I love the graphics, it doesn't feel as much like fandom without being able to talk about it.

I feel like I might have recced her to you before, but crackers4jenn makes some of my favorite icons for Community. I'd have more of them but I only have a plus account now so I only get 15 icons. Check out her tags, she might even have some for your other fandoms, though I'm not certain. carly_icons is another that I like, though she stopped making them in S2.
Wait. You can install a Disqus app?

Is there a how-to on Tumblr for that?

I don't know, but I've seen it in people's tumblrs. I just googled it and found this:

I haven't tried it yet myself, but I'm thinking about posting more essays on Tumblr and I'd like to have that feature.
I just installed it. It took me maybe 5 minutes to create a Disqus account, and two seconds to install it.

*clappy hands*

I also put up a general announcement on my Tumblr that I've installed it. Hopefully people will test.