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For All Those in the Path of Frakenstorm Sandy (Like Me)

Stay safe everyone.

Because this is going to be bad.

Amazingly enough, I'm actually at work today. It's not too bad out, but we are keeping an eye on the weather and planning to go home early.

And I'm all prepped for the worst to happen, up to and including charging my weather radio.

I figure tomorrow and the rest of the week is going to be far, far worse.
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October 29 2012, 13:43:57 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  October 29 2012, 13:44:25 UTC

I'm in Manhattan and so far it's just rain. I'm not worried about myself but for all my friends who could be far more affected by Sandy than me. Good luck to everyone in its path.


This storm is's hard to comprehend the size of it.
I guess Frankenstorm is a good name for it. I wonder if we'll get more storms like this, if climate change is causing Sandy and Irene. The deniers are like the legendary ostrich with it's head in the ground as denying it will not make it go away.


Deleted comment

I'm so scared. I hope that you and me and everyone else in the path of this monster stay safe.
It's enormous, but it looks as if our area (north of Boston) is on the outer edge of the storm track. Unless it changes direction, I don't think we'll get the worst of it. People on the coast, however...yikes.
I'll be honest, the wind is starting to whistle up here something fierce and crap is starting to fly around with the gusts of wind. Which is making me a tetch nervous.

I'm just glad we're getting a "glancing blow." I'd hate to be in the direct path.
One of the advantages of living on a busy street, which is one of the main routes through town, is that it's high on the priority list when things go wrong. If we get a line downed or branches in the road, they'll be cleared promptly. In snowstorms, the plows pass by here regularly and frequently.

I suppose our experience with Irene last year has caused me to be a little less nervous. We actually drove home from vacation through the edge of that storm, down through Maine and New Hampshire, and we got here okay. But if I lived closer to the coastline I'd be a lot more nervous.
I was at work, but left early. My boss said to do what makes you feel safe, and for me, that was leaving at noon before the wind picked up any more. (He left at 11am.) It's really howling out there. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed the power doesn't go out (for too long).
Yeah. I left work at noon as well to work from home.

The fun part was driving on the MassPike into the headwind, with trash getting blown into my car. I've never seen the gas gauge in my car actually drop while I was driving.

Oh, look. The wind is whistling outside. *sarcastic yay*
It all looks very frightening. Stay safe.