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Holiday Goodness...

For people looking for it: Part 10 of Water Hold Me Down is here.

I keep meaning to direct people to Big Bunny, one of the most hilarious and strangely compelling flash Animation series I've ever seen. I saw it a few years ago and had no idea where it went. I finally found it again!


I'm serious.

It's fail. All I can say is:

  • One giant pink rabbit who isn't a huge fan of carrots

  • Three little kids, two of which desperately need brain transplants

  • Twisted stories complete with twisted object lesson that...really...the Easter one had me in stitches (Two words: zombie bluebird)

  • One line from the rabbit to the kids: "Be good. And remember: eat lots of gouda."

  • I think I see Anya's bunny-fear very clearly here.

You can see Big Bunny himself in my icon.

Heeeeeee! Go watch.
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