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This is weird...

First time I've managed to get online almost all week and I can't seem to go anywhere but LJ.


Anyone else having this problem?

ETA: Wow! Who knew all my Comcast peeps were having teh suck on the Internet tonight?

I'm actually on Verizon and it turns out my problem was a particularly nasty piece of SpyWare. God bless Norton Firewall, that was the little bugger that kept shutting down my connection because it didn't like this SpyWare at all.

I can only assume that I could get to LJ because of lack of ads. *scratches head* Seems this SpyWare was trying to redirect information somewhere and Norton Firewall kept stepping in and blocking traffic, hence my inability to go anywhere.

*blows kisses to Symantec, which is located right acrss town*

I ran Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition (rockin' freeware, by the way) and now I'm cruisin' in style.
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