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Mara_Sho has a question...

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I thought I'd pimp this because I don't think it's getting nearly enough replies from fanfic readers and writers.

whiskyinmind has a very good question about Mary Sues vs. Original Characters.

For writers:

What are your opinions on OCs? What makes a good original character and what stops them being Mary Sues?

We've all seen the fics where a mysterious stranger comes into town and sweeps our poor downtrodden hero off his/her feet whilst single-handedly saving the world and generally being an all-round good egg. Not all fics featuring OCs are so predictable though, I know a lot of you have written some fantastic stories featuring original characters so how do you avoid the Mary Sue pit falls? Is it a conscious thought process to avoid them or is it something else?

For readers:

And for the fic readers among you, what do you think of OCs? Does the mention of an original character put you off reading a fic?

Go check out the post and comment.
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