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bellatemple is my flippin' hero...

People looking for Part 26 of Water Hold Me Down posted yesterday, go here.

I read this before I went to work this morning and I'm still cracking up. bellatemple? Girlfriend? You are a very, very strange one.

And you've got balls. Big brass ones.

Ol' Bella has decided to take on every single Xander-Sue cliche as perpetrated by the Marty Stu faction of Xander writers.

Take Three Geeks, one fictional character from BtVS, magic, a competition called the 'Masters of the Multi-Verse,' and a whole lot of fanon cliches and you get Fannon Fodder.

If nothing else, the part where our geeks ask canon Xander about his soopah sekrit mad hyena skilz and soldier mem'ries is worth the price of admission alone.

Me? I can't wait until they start asking Xander about all his mad threesomes and foursomes with Buffy, Willow, Faith, and Anya.

I'll be choking on my popcorn fer shur.

Takes place immediately after the end of 'Chosen.'

Go. Read. Giggle time.

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