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Because it can't be said enough...

Anyone looking for Part 27 of Water Hold Me Down uploaded last night, please click here.

From the TGIF, pleasepleasepleaseplease:

When you really, really want the day to be over already, nothing tops sliding the Dropkick Murphys into the ol' CD player.

Because you just know that where there's punk, there's bagpipes.

Just saying.

Oh, and I'm testing a new file transfer service, since YSI is getting increasingly suck-y to use.

Meet Megaupload. Files good for a minimum of 30 days with no limit on downloads.

Let me know what y'all think of the service (and the music):

Pipebomb on Landsdowne

Soundtrack to a Killing Spree

Wild Rover


We Got the Power

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