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I've been scarce. Yes. I know.

Water update

Yes, some of that has been writing, but my office is a-swealter and what I really want to work on is polishing the next part of Water Hold Me Down. The AlphaSmart is great for capturing thoughts, ideas, and passages on the fly. It is not a good tool for editing and polishing.

I've been Arrested

Plus, I've been distracted by the shiny-shiny Arrested Development from Netflix. I'd seen some episodes off and on over the past two years and I remember liking what I saw, but I constantly kept forgetting to catch it on a regular basis.

After running through all the discs and howling through every episode, I've tracked down a cheep-ish set copy of S1 (got it for $25!) and am waiting patiently for it to be shipped to me. Dear god, I adore this show. There's so much attention to detail and imbedded visual jokes that you can't catch them all even by the 4th viewing.

Sooooo, needless to say I'll be Arrested-palooza this summer to catch up on S2. *mumbles about wanting the DVD set*

Arrested is just one of those shows where catching an episode "here and there" just doesn't do it justice. Seeing the whole thing in order is! It'''s like a comic version of Babylon 5 in that way.

[makes puppy eyes at bastardsnow because I soooo, want Maeby or Lindsey to be a Slayer....]

Speaking of Babylon 5...

Speaking of which, I start with Babylon 5 S2 this week (I'm going through the whole series again). Damn, there's so much you miss the first four times you see it.

Plus, how much to I love JMS? I can't think of too many producer-writers-all-around-awesome-talents who are willing to admit they have less-than-godlike powers and are willing to admit that they and their universe is not perfect. He has an ego, but he's willing to admit when he's at fault for when he sees something that didn't work in the series.

Personally, I'm still floored that he mentions at least twice during various commentaries in S1 that he does have a tendency to overwrite scenes and that clunky exposition is usually not the fault of various actors, but his.

Certain writers-producers of their own television shows should maybe take notes on how to be gracious.

Will work for Harry Potter

On another interesting note: I just discovered that I, yes I, will be working at my local Borders for Harry Potter Night (7 p.m. to 1 a.m.). YAY! When I worked the last Harry Potter weekend, I had to do it on a Saturday because that was my normal schedule. I've heard the night before parties are tons of fun and the customers actually tend towards the awesome.

Cool Link of the Day

Finally, cool link via DailyKos:

Newseum is a flash site that allows you to mouse over cities and countries on a map to bring up the front page of the local newspaper. Click on the city, and you get a PDF of the front page and a link to the newspaper's Web site.


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