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Holy Cannoli!

I'm slightly overwhelmed. (Okay, just a little more than slightly...)

The White Knight Awards have been announced.


Winning this one was a huge shock. Congrats to m_mcgregor on my FList who took runner up.

Considering how long Living History is, I am very shocked. Congrats to m_mcgregor on my FList who took runner up.

I have to still credit musesfool for inspiring Contrite Spirits since it was part of her Psalm challenge.

I have to credit nwhepcat for Water Hold Me Down since it was part of her Birthday Fic-A-Thon. Heh. I don't think either one of us expected it to get this out of control.

Also, congrats to bastardsnow on my FList who took runner up.

Other people I need to congradulate on my FList who also scooped up awards:

Fleur, whose LJ name escapes me at the moment (yes, I feel very dumb); nwhepcat; airawyn; whiskyinmind; puguita; entrenous88; naol; booster17; lwbush; and d_tepes.

I cannot believe how many of us are friended on LJ. *shakes head in disbelief*

I was comparing last year's winners and this year's winners, and I have to wonder. Is it me? Or is there a complete tonal shift in the kinds of Xander stories that were nominated and the kinds of stories that won?

Seriously. I mean, there's a whole Xander fanon type missing from this year's winners. What makes it even weirder is that I know almost all of this year's winners were slaving away over fic last year and most of them were roundly ignored by readers for nominations or didn't win in their categories.


And no, that's not meant to be snarky at all, especially towards whiskyinmind since she doesn't nominate or vote.

Not complaining, mind. In fact, I'm very pleased. I wouldn't have minded losing to any of the other authors and stories this year (in fact, I lost the Drama Fic award category). Last year, on the other hand...

So, a round of big love for whiskyinmind, who not only rescued I Need a Parrot from the dustbin, but who also revived and has run the White Knight Awards two years running.

Thank you so much for the personalized banners! Mine were dead-on perfect!

However, in deference to people on dial-up, I had to put them behind the cut.

So please, click on the cuts and see them!


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