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Waking up to horror...

I heard on the radio this morning, so before I get to work:

All my hopes and prayers for people in London and their relatives. May you and yours be safe and well.

ETA: There is a check-in community for LJers at london_070705.

Now that the shock has worn off, I'm now worried about the "afterwards." This is normal for me and is not meant as disrespect for the victims or their families. I knew with 9/11 even before the second tower fell that it was going to be used to start a war (little did I know that it would be used to start the wrong war).

I fear this situation will quickly spiral even more out of control than it already is.

Would that there was someone who could pull us back from the brink of this.

I hope that the leaders in the U.K. are more level-headed with the aftermath than the leaders in the U.S. were.

U.K.ers: If You Need to Contact Someone

ETA2: Also, it appears that london_070705 is looking for people willing to pass on messages to loved ones in other countries. If there's anyone on my FList or anyone on my FLIst who knows someone who needs me to contact people in Massachusetts or the New England region (I will be online all day), please let me know at liz DOT marcs AT gmail DOT com.

I will be more than happy to pass on whatever message you need me to pass on via phone or email.

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