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Confessions of a Geek Girl...

Thanks to everyone who offered me support (and a few snickers) over my FRIDGE OF DOOM.

Snicker away. I deserve it.

Believe it or not, outside the fridge issue, I actually am a reasonable housekeeper. I'll never be spotless, but you don't exactly see trash all over the place either. [Actually, if you ask my landlords, they think I'm a neat freak.]

Anyway, I've discovered that my fridge is actually pretty big (supprise!) and that sucker can get pretty cold. Yes, I went broke restocking all the fresh food. And I bought a new squeezy bottle of mustard.

Shut up.

Anyway, watched the Behind-the-Scenes for SciFi Friday last night (although I wonder why I bother because they're actually boring and don't tell us a whole lot about the interesting behind-the-scenes stuff, like editing or special effects, or spoilers).

Anyway, I'm geeking out because Friday is gonna be my television night when I suddenly realize:

  • SciFi Friday starts this Friday.
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is also being released this Friday (midnight).
  • I will be working 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Borders on the Harry Potter release party and selling books to eager customers.

Yup. I'm such a geek.

Also, something else that makes me a geek. I've come across some recs for the band Frou Frou (what I've heard is not bad).

Everytime I see the band's name, I get a giggle.

Frou frou is French Canadian slang for "flakey" or "air-headed." My mother's family uses it all the time in that manner. For example, (imagine waggling of a hand as you say "frou frou"), "You never checked the dates on your mustard? You can be really frou frou, can't you?"

And let's not forget my mother's famous story about how the French word for "radiator" is very similar to the French Canadian slang for cunt. No shit. Only my mother would tell this to my virgin 10-year-old ears.

Heh. Frou frou.

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