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Making Light and Pimping the Un-Fic-A-Thon

First off, I want to thank Making Light for linking to my entry on Sen. Santorum, the Black Man from Boston, and Nicholas Scratch. When I checked my email at lunch, I was shocked to see a bunch on new comments on that entry. *grins*

Whoever reported me, mucho gracias.

On another front, soundingsea is holding The BtVS/AtS Missing Stories Un-Ficathon.

The general idea is three-fold:

1. Did you have a fic-a-thon story where the person who was supposed to write it bailed on you?
I had two, actually. But the one that truly annoys me to this day is the Faith-Fic-A-Thon held last year. I was one of two people that asked for a story with Faith and Xander at the center of it (romantic or friendship) during a time period when a lot of people wanted Faith and Spike.

Considering that this same fic-a-thon resulted in Ishmael Sings of the White Whale (which was totally hernewshoes's suggestion), I at least wanted a story as a reward. It should be noted, that hernewshoes was not the person assigned to write my request, so all credit and no blame should be thrown her way.

2. Do you wanna be a hero and write one of these poor, abandoned puppies?
Unh, have to say no one this one. Because of the Third Question.

3. Do you have a fic-a-thon story that you owe and owe but need motivation to write? Or are you willing to give it up for adoption?
My Death-By-A-Thon story never made it out of the gate, even though it would be relatively short (for me) to write. So, I'm applying for amnesty. My plan? Use the amnesty for a new deadline and write the thing myself for booster17.

Yes, I am aware that No Myth for the Laugh-A-Thon and Discovering the Truth About the Wizard of Oz for the Pal-A-Thon have been started and not finished. They are already on my calendar for completion after I finish Water Hold Me Down.

In all honesty, I had no idea that writing Water would be so blasted complicated. I think I'll never write such an out-and-out AU again. It's hard to pull off while keeping everyone in character. It didn't help that I just nuked two scenes (not including the earlier "adult" scene which proved why I don't write smut) because they weren't working. That's why finishing the above other two stories have been delayed.

However, my Death-By-A-Thon story (I get to kill Kennedy with Acme products after torturing her into the role of Wily Coyote and making Andrew or Xander responsible and ensuring there's no angst) isn't even on the schedule, so I need to actually do something with it, especially since I have a sketchy plot ready to go. Plus, I figured out how to pull it off without making everyone OOC or bashing any characters or introducing angst.

So go, join the rest of us in either the story you wanted written for you to be written for you, or to claim amnesty and either give your puppy up for adoption or set yourself a new deadline. And thank soundingsea for the idea.

In other news, yes, still working on Water, but my office is unbearably hot. Plus, I've been working late all week.

RL, she is the bitch. But it is progressing. Apologies for the delay.

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