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Unlocked Water DVD Cut...

In looking over my post on FLocked entries, I do realize there is one post that I FLocked that really didn't need to be. Or rather, at the time I posted it, it contained spoilers. Now it now longer does, so the FLocking no longer applies.

I FLocked it because (for me) it was hella embarassing. It's an illustration on why I don't write smut. I simply suck at it. Me and smut...not happily made in heaven, I assure you.

I riffled through the comments on it and didn't see anything that wasn't okay for public consumption there. That said, if you want me to remove your comment, I will cheerfully delete it for you if you can't.

It is, naturally, unbeta'd, and only lightly copedited. I posted it to begin with just as a "DVD-type" extra. Since, by and large, I don't like slapping a FLock on fiction, I figured I better live up it. Plus, if I ever manage to write a pro-novel, good chance I'll be writing something for public consumption that makes me squeemish (although to be honest, I get squeemish opening an illustrated medical dictionary, so my squeem threshhold is pretty low).

So, I open myself up for some serious concrit on smut writing. *winces* Although I'm pretty sure this is probably my last foray into it. Do you know what it's like to contort yourself to see if a position would actually work? Don't ask. Just don't ask. And the Karma Sutra is totally no help as a guide. Just sayin'.

Follow the fake LJ cut to the smut extra. Ignore the FLocked in the header.

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