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If I wasn't on deadline, I'd stare at the pretty...

Thanks to aaalex55 for pointing this out to me.

Although, I did find much smaller versions of the pictures on Slayerverse.

More cast photos for Kitchen Confidential focusing on the men (you'll need to scroll up).

Oh, if you want the big pictures, go here. Aside from Nicholas Brendon (unh, excuse me? When did NB graduate from "cute" to "hot"?), there are pics of Alyson Hannigan and Christian Kane (who is still so fine). Click on the pictures to see their new snaps from their new shows (you'll need to scroll down).

And, unh, for the Kitchen Confidential male staff, they're all looking mighty fine. Yessir. Yup.


*stares at teh preti sum moor*


Back to work now...

*mindless drool*

ETA: So this post isn't completely shallow, Anthony Boudrain is apparantly much pleased with the pilot because jokes about drug use and amputations are never not funny.

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