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My Top Five (For Now)

I was tagged by monet599 to list my top five songs. Since most of the music I've got is right now being evaluated for use in a soundtrack somewhere, I'm a little late answering this.

All songs are available for download. To get the songs on Megaupload, just click on the song itself. To get the songs from the YSI mirror, you'll have to cut and paste the link (this is to get around YSI removing said files when two many people link from the same site).

1. Stiff Little Fingers — Every Dollar a Bullet
YSI Mirror: Nuked by the YSI gremlin.

Irish political punk that dates from before the IRA officially swore off violence. Since I grew up among Boston Irish, this hits a leeeeeetle too close to home.

2. Beatles vs. Hanson — MMMy Bop Life
YSI Mirror: Nuked by the YSI gremlin.

This is something of a preview for a song that I'll be using later on the Water Hold Me Down soundtrack. I'm currently deciding which part this one will go with (I'm torn between two).

There's nothing better than an unexpectedly good mash-up. This one is definitely one of the better ones. 'In My Life' by the Beatles and 'MMMbop' by Hanson.

3. Great Big Sea - General Taylor
YSI Mirror: Nuked by the YSI gremlin.

A more traditional offering from this Newfoundland band. It's all a capella (with the exception of some soft drums) and strangely uplifting, even though it's about a military funeral. The close vocal harmonies really highlights this group's fantastic musical talent.

4. Khalid — Aicha
YSI Mirror: Nuked by the YSI gremlin.

This is a preview off my as-yet unpublished Africander soundtrack. This happy tune keeps me bouncing with its sweet rai soul. And no, I have no idea how to translate the lyrics. I've looked. Believe me. Needless to say, this joyful tune is off the second CD in my Africander collection.

5. Police vs. Ben E. King — Every Stand By Me
YSI Mirror:

Yet another mash-up that works stunningly well. Who knew that the baseline from 'Every Breath You Take' by the Police would fit so well with 'Stand By Me' by Ben E. King? I'm debating whether to put this one on Water, not because I don't think it fits, but because I have several songs competing for the part that would match this song.

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