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9/11: It's like the Fourth of July in a way...

What the FUCK?


Are you shitting me about the Walk-A-Thon/Country Music Concert to "celebrate freedom" and "support the troops" and to "remember the victims of 9/11"? And it's actually ORGANIZED by the Department of Defense?

As in this is MY tax dollars at work?

I. Have. No. Fucking. Words.

This picture from Dependable Renegade pretty much says it all, dontchya think?

Orwell must be laughing his ass off.

Allow me to join Steve Gilliard in wishing Rumsfeld a one-way express ticket to hell. Way to once more hide behind the pile of rubble that was the World Trade Center and International Good Will as more and more of the general American public figures out that you and your boss FUCKING LIED because you had a hard-on for reshaping the Middle East according to some mushroom-inspired neocon fantasy.

Oh, and Clint Black? I'm ordering an express ticket to hell for you, too. Maybe you and Rummy can share a seat. Can't come soon enough for either one of you, baby. *kiss-kiss*

To make me feel better, I've decided to make a wee small donation to support Cindy Sheehan as she continues to dare President Bush to come out and answer her questions.

Woman's got serious OVARIES people. And we all know that Bush has no balls. It's really an unfair fight. I put $25 on Sheehan to win.

Rumor has it they're going to arrest her if she doesn't leave the side of the road by Thursday.

As Maureen Dowd points out, ignoring Sheehan (and trust me, you don't ever want to piss off a Gold Star Mother with a mission because that's just bad juju) is probably the stupidest way to handle the situation.

As our Chickenhawk-in-Chief (bwack-bwack-bwack-BWACK!) continues to hide his alcoholic ass from one Gold Star Mother, the Right Wing Slime Machine continues to tie itself in knots to the point where the "t" word (that would be "traitor") has been applied. And before anyone tosses the Drudge/O'Reilly talking point at me that Sheehan said something completely different about holding Bush personally responsible for her son's death after meeting with the Chickenhawk-in-Chief last year, just to let you know: they're misquoting her just a little bit. Actually, they've edited, twisted, and basically lied about what Cindy Sheehan actually said.

So, while I'm wishing Clint Black and Donnie Rumsfeld a long, painful trip to hell, why don't I throw Bill O'Reilly and Michele Malkin on top of the flaming turd pile. Hope you all burn. Fuckers.

Since I can't call down a rain of fire on these people's asses, I guess I'll just have to toss some bucks in the Cindy Sheehan kitty. Poor woman is ill because of her outdoor vigil, but she ain't moving from her spot. The woman needs chicken soup. Hopefully my contribution will buy some of the good stuff for her.

I am irate now with the entire fucked-up government we've got in the U.S. I don't suppose there's a job waiting for me in Canada somewhere? I've always been a Maple Leafer at heart. Does it help that my mother's family is originally from Quebec?

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