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Inspiration baby!

I'm up waaaay too late.

It's too hot to sleep. *grrrr*

The only good news is that I've managed to get the first twelve pages of the Acme Heartbreak Repair Kit done.

booster17 should be pleased.

Of course, I'm so tired, that I'm giggling at my own jokes. I cannot imagine how I managed to make Xander a "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" character to vengeance demons. Although in my case, it's more, "He-Who-Shreds-Us-Like-We’re-Birds-Trapped-In-An-Airplane-Engine."

Okay. I'm really, really loopy right now.

This, killing Kennedy is way too much fun. And I need a break from Water's angst.


Okay. I gotta try to get some sleep. I've clearly flipped.

And yes, Allarek is a very stupid vengeance demon to get mixed up in this.

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