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Honestly, I can't take you guys anywhere...

Did Buffy fandom go insane while I wasn't looking? It's been kerfluffle after kerfluffle.

I'm only grateful that that it's no one on my FList who's being the source. I knew you were all sane. And some of you are way more reasonable than I would have been. How you all can be so unfailingly polite as you make your points is amazing to me. I got the bestest FList in the world. *hugs you all*

Clue me in, guys. Is it the water? The full moon? The summer heat (okay, this question is U.S.-centric, sorry)? The dog days of August? Fill me in. I want to avoid whatever it is.

My mouth was agape with the whole Cousin Jean situation, but there was really no need for me to pile on that one because, thank heavens, enough people jumped in and pointed out that what she was doing was illegal and could dump all BtVS/AtS fanfic writers in hot water.

Truthfully, bigsciencybrain had the most reasoned response to this situation. It's a pity that more people haven't read it. I limited my comments on the situation to her LJ, if only because it seems to be the sane center of the storm.

Now we've got this odd assertion that S6 Spuffy was so traumatic that it turned people on to slash. Ummm, okay. By and large, the responses have been reasonable, aside from an incident of Xander-bashing that seems to always crop up somewhere in these discussions. *headdesk* (Can we please leave the Big Lug out of it? Please? For once?)

Thankfully, people are pointing out, politely, that her stance "Spuffy trauma equals slash" can be viewed as a weeeeeee bit insulting.

I did comment this time, albeit late to the party because the OP bothered me so much I felt I had to. Personally, I'm glad I waited until today to do it. If I did it yesterday, my response would've been less politely worded.

I guess I tend to view it in stark terms: people like what they like and can read/write what they want. No one's holding a gun to anyone's head to read/write the exact same thing as everyone else.

Besides, didn't LJ have this kerfluffle before about some Spuffy writers migrating over to slash writing? I know it happened before I joined LJ, because I definitely remember following links to the discussion from othercat's journal.

Heavens, I have zero problem with slash. There was a period, especially during S6, where slash was just about the only place where Xander was being fairly treated as a character or treated as something resembling a complex character.

And as I always point out, I may write het and gen, but I read het, gen, and slash if the plot is good, characters aren't bashed, and if there is something more to it than PWP.

So, I really don't seem to fit in any paradigm. Except for one thing. A lot of people fit in my paradigm as well, even if some of them write slash and gen, but read het, gen, and slash.

I keep saying that there is actually a lot of common ground between fanfic writers of different stripes who care about writing quality once you get beyond the the labels. It's the application of and focus on labels that drives me crazy.

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