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Asking for Help: Possible Plagiarism Case

People looking for Part 37 of Water Hold Me Down posted last night, please visit here.

I'm sorry to be a nudge to you guys on my FList, but a very helpful little birdie brought me some very, very disturbing news about a new RPG here on LJ that (to me) looks like a clear-cut case of plagiarism.

My jaw is still on the floor after reading what little there is of it. I just need some disinterested third parties to confirm my immediate I'll keeel you reaction.

Here is a really old story I wrote (my first Buffy-verse fiction, in fact), back in 2002.


Here is the RPG in question. It's new and just started on August 14, 2005.

Force of the Blow.

Although forceoftheblow gets into Xander's head where Revelations does not, the story elements are almost point-for-point exactly the same and the key use of a demon type and name that I vaguely based on Greek mythology and twisted to suit my own purposes comes into play.

I'm really, really furious right now and not thinking clearly. So if some of you good folks could read both over and give me some unbiased opinions, I'd be greatly obliged.

I have to head out to a family thing right now and won't be back until late afternoon. So if anyone has the time or inclination, just dive in and read both and give me your opinions. Comment here or just email me at my LJ address.

Thanks in advance guys.

Hopefully, I'll calm down sometime before tonight to think clearly about this.

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