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Best! Quotes! About! Writing! Evah! and an interview with NB and BC

I've not been online that much. Due to circumstance beyond my control, I've been mainlining Babylon 5 like a speed junkie.

I think it's because work for the past few days has been mega busy.

I give JMS much-o props for admitting what worked and didn't work on his baby during the commentaries.

Although, I'm with a lot of other people on his strengths and weaknesses. Great storyteller. Fabulous plotting. Amazing world-building for the aliens. Really worked hard to research the "real world" stuff he could, like physics or how a typical uniform patch would look in the military.

Stilted dialogue (at times) for the humans.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he could write gorgeous dialogue for all of the aliens (Delenn excepted...shut up Delenn!), yet in the same episode would put real clunkers in the mouths of the humans (Garibaldi and Zak excepted...usually). *shakes head*

Still, JMS, I *flove* you. You are the Original Master of genre television and Ron Moore is seriously the Dark Prince. Ain't no one knocking either one of you off the moutain, babe.

I mean, seriously, there are two reasons to love JMS:

When asked about how fast the Starfuries can fly, his typical answer:

"They move as fast as the speed of plot."

*squeeee* Hi-larious. Because, so true. It's nice to have someone admit that.

But here's why JMS is the freakin' master genre television. It's the second quote.

From the commentary for 'Fall of Night:'

"Drama is when you make your characters climb a tree and then you throw big rocks at them while they're up there."


I want to see that on one of TNT "We Know Drama" ads. Because that is dead on.

Anyway, I had to post my JMS love, because, duuuuude, it's JMS and I love his B5 commentaries.

*squees like sad little fangurl I am*

On another note

This article is already making the rounds (and making not-so-happy waves) on various BtVS lists, so I figure I might as well post it here with no comment.

Bradley Cooper and Nicholas Brendon talk about Kitchen Confidential and discuss experiences with Alias and BtVS

And yes, I kept thinking, "Hmmmmm, and if JMS were in charge..." while reading it, because you sooooo know that Vir = Xander.

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