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New Living History...


Made the mistake of lying on the couch to catch some tube and now I just wanna crawl into bed.

On a happy note, ludditerobot gave us the gift of a new Snowblind. YAY! Will FB when I'm actually coherent.

Up to part 51 can be found here

Continued from here

Xander swiped away the sweat on his forehead with his left sleeve while his right hand clutched his handful of nuts.

ROOOOWWWWWWWL! (Know what I love? Dumb dinners. Staying put in the same place is just not smart.)

Christ, that thing sounded yooooooge.

“Anyone else feel like running?” Sally asked.

“If we start running, just follow the Violet-shaped blur,” Vi nervously giggled.

“It’s official. Things are now fucked,” Xander grumbled.

RUMMMMMMROAR! (I’m gonna getchya little dinner. I’m gonna getchya right now…)

“They weren’t before?” Robin asked as he poised himself for a first-class pitcher’s throw.

“Vi’s flying her geek colors. That’s never of the good,” Xander explained.

“Geek colors?” Robin asked.

Before Xander could answer, a reptilian snout poked its nose into their suddenly too-small retreat.

“Hol-eeee shit,” Barbara prayed.

“That is One. Big. Snake,” Robin agreed.

A tongue flicked out, causing Xander to jump.

“Hold your fire until we see the whites of its eyes,” Robin ordered.

“Unh, Robin? We lost at Bunker Hill,” Xander nervously said, “I slept through middle school and high school history and even I know that.”

“Got a better idea?” Robin asked.

HISSSSSS! (One…two…three…ready or not, here I come!)

Xander turned his head to look at Robin to his right. “Can we run now?”

The snake thrust its head through at lightening speed, forcing the intrepid sextet to back up slightly faster.

HIIIIIIIISSSSSS! (Goody! I get to play with dinner!)

“Now!” Robin shouted.

All six let loose with—and Xander would be the first to admit this—a pathetically small volley of walnuts, all of which landed square on the snake’s snout.

For a brief moment, the universe held its breath while the six waited to see what happened and the snake—which looked rather surprised for something that went through life with a fixed expression—stared back.

“Well, that went over about as well as a fart in a space suit,” Xander dryly remarked.

RUR? (The hell?)

“You and your goddamn jokes,” Robin hissed as Xander loaded his crossbow and everyone else drew their swords.

“I told you, but did you listen? Nooooooooo,” Xander snarled back as he let loose with a bolt, aiming for the monster’s eye. Never let it be said that he wasn’t willing to use a tactic that was once used on himself to great effect.

The snake moved—Christ! How can something that big slither so fast?— and the bolt missed its mark, bouncing harmlessly off the scales.

Xander retreated to load his crossbow again while Robin yelled, “Attack!” and lead the charge forward.




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