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Apologies for being scarce...

The Acme Heartbreak Repair Kit is finally gaining coherency. It may actually even be done by the deadline! Yay!

Overall, I'm pleased with how it's turning out, although there might be some elements that make people unhappy, especially regarding Buffy's and Xander's respective situations.

In the case of Buffy, I'm stuck with canon and it has to be attacked head-on. I'm not sure how happy people are going to be with my solution to "the Roman problem," but at the same time, I can see Buffy gritting her teeth and doing it because it's something that, from her perspective, had to be done.

As for Xander's situation: yeah, looks bad for him and it does look like he screwed up at first. Except he really, really didn't since he did eveything right. It's not his fault that he was literally the victim of circumstances beyond his control. However, all unhappiness with his subplot should be directed at me and no one else.

Once more, I think I'm seriously overcomplicating things. *headdesk* Fic-a-thon entries are supposed to be simple things, but I seem cogenitally unable to keep things simple. I think part of the problem is because I just don't like Kennedy or Andrew and I'm bending over backwards to make sure neither one of them are bashed in the story.

*sigh* booster17 was probably expecting fluffy. Sorry dude.

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