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After a summer of being a lazy-ass slug, I've started doing abs at home a few times a week.

Today, I added the Strength and Toning Balls to the routine. These balls look and feel like the Danskin strength and toning balls. I suspect that it might be a private-label manufacturing deal between Danskin and the Discovery Channel.


Who'd think that using a four-pound squishy ball in a controlled manner could result in so much musclar screaming? I can barely move my arms and hands to type.

Anyway, I picked up the 4 lb. Toning Ball and 6 lb. Toning Ball at 40% off for a total of $20. They even come with an exercise chart to get you started, so it's not like you have to figure out what to do with them.

The reason for the sale? It turns out The Discovery Store was dumping them because, of all the stupid things, they were changing the logo on the balls from "Discovery" to "Fit TV."

Anyway, so today I give the 4-lb ball a try. I mean, I actually use heavier weights than 4-lbs for biceps and triceps, so I figured it shouldn't be too bad, right?


I think it's they way you have to hold them. Instead of balancing across your palm, these balls are actually in your palm. Since they're round and squishy, you wind up clutching these suckers with your whole hand. End result? You not only work the muscle, you also build strength in the hand.

Ooooooow! Ooooooooow! Ooooooooow!

After a half-hour workout alternating between abs, some pilates moves, pushups and only half the ball exercises, my muscles started screaming "No mas! No mas!" The tendons in my hands are ordering me to take Advil right now. And I can feel that my tris and bis are actually tight. Let's not get into the fact that my legs can still feel the squats.


Despite my bitching, I have to admit: I highly recommend these suckers if you're looking to put together a short, after-work, at-home routine for exercise. I'm thinking of hitting up another mall this weekend to see if I can get the 8-lb. and 10-lb. toning balls on sale while Discovery is still dumping the stock.

To Everyone on my Flist in the Gulf States: I hope you're all safe and that you're not in dire need with the passing of Katrina. Some of the pictures I saw today look horrific, but there's also a sense of relief that New Orleans wasn't the catastrophy that everyone thought it would be.

We're already feeling the Katrina effect up here in New England. The air is pretty heavy and you can feel the air pressure change. Plus, the sky looks pretty fierce. Katrina'll be nothing more than a series of thundershowers by the time it hits us, but that's about it.

So stay safe everyone. I hope you all have plenty of water and preserved food to ride out the aftermath.

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