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NOLA Relief, Pt. 3: even more links

Once more pimping:

The American Red Cross relief efforts. Choose "Hurricane 2005" relief on the donations page.

Second Harvest, the food bank network, relief efforts. To donate funds, go here.

I added these two additional links were in the blog entry I made this morning about Katrina relief efforts and sites to get news on the aftermath, but given how fast people are blogging about the situation in the Gulf States, I thought I'd put these new links in a new post, if only because they're really worthwhile for doing more reading on the situation:

Of all things, Editor & Publisher is maybe doing the best job I've seen in the newsmedia of covering Katrina from all angles. Coverage includes:

  • on-the-ground blogging of rescue efforts

  • how the local news media is adapting and cooperating to provide coverage, considering that some newspapers don't have offices right now (hell, the Times-Picayune can only publish on the Web; the newspaper is not publishing an actual newspaper right now)

  • summary of Times-Picayune articles dating from 2004 warning about the long-term affect of cuts to the Army Corps of Engineers and the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project (SELA). These cuts, btw, were used to fund Bush's tax cuts and the Iraqi boondoggle. (It should also be noted that I've seen reports that 35% to 40% of the Louisianna National Guard are currently now fighting in Iraq and are not available to do the jobs they actually signed up for, namely, keeping peace in their home states during emergencies.)

Wikipedia already has the most comprehenshive and well-researched overview on Katrina I've seen yet. Click and be awed by the amount of research and depth of inforamtion on Katrina.

ad_kay has a comprehensive list of aid agencies including the Unitarian-Universalist Association's Gulf Coast Relief Fund and animal rescue organizations for non-human furred, feathered, and scaly survivors of Katrina. She has both Web links and phone numbers. You should be able to find an organization that you'll be comfortable trusting to make your donation.

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