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More Hurricane Katrina Relief Links, Pt 4

Once more pimping:

The American Red Cross relief efforts. Choose "Hurricane 2005" relief on the donations page.

Second Harvest, the food bank network, relief efforts. To donate funds, go here.

The American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) have started their relief efforts. As I noted with the Southeast Asian Tsunami, the American Friends focus not just on the immediate need, but long-term rebuilding needs. The real need for the refugees will start a month and two months from now when (hopefully) they will be allowed to return home.

I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to by Unitarian-Universalist hommies. The Service Commitee has established the Gulf Coast Relief Fund.

Catholic Charities also has a Katrina Fund set up. Another very good organization that works hard year-round on poverty issues and has expertise in getting maximum bang for the buck.

I don't normally post links to religious relief organizations, but the Quakers, Unitarians, and (strangely enough) Catholic Charities are hardcore about remaining nonsectarian in providing aid and relief, especially in times of crisis, so if you're concerned about stealth evangelism in times of stress but want to give your money to reliegious organizations, none of these groups will do it.

dogemperor has a has a comprehensive list of the good (nonsectarian), the bad (Dominionist and/or practitioners of stealth evangalism), and the questionable (sympthetic Dominionist leanings) for religious aid organizations that will be running aid to the hurricane-affected states.

In addition, NBC announced that on Friday their networks will host a Concert for Hurricane Relief. MTV Networks will also start on Sept. 10 to raise funds for the American Red Cross. The MDA Labor Day Telethon will include appeals for Hurricane Disaster Relief and the MDA will donate $1 million to the Salvation Army.

And finally, send some good thoughts and love to cafedemonde on my Flist. She has relatives among the missing in NOLA and hasn't been able to get word if they're okay.

insomnia is continues his updates on the crisis unfolding in the Gulf States.

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