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More Katrina News Links

Once more pimping:

The American Red Cross relief efforts. Choose "Hurricane 2005" relief on the donations page.

Second Harvest, the food bank network, relief efforts. To donate funds, go here.

Via ad_kay: interdictor remains in New Orleans and is among the people on the ground fighting to save the city. His blog is a "must read" for people interested in getting a first-hand account of the tragedy unfolding there. via its Web site is coordinating efforts to get people displaced by Katrina free housing.

Don't forget to chek out Wikipedia's page on Hurricane Katrina.

Fats Domino is one of the missing NOLA natives in the wake of Katrina.

Speaker of the House Hastert says that he supports an emergency bailout, but raised questions about a long-term rebuilding effort. Which I'm sure the people of New Orleans really, really need to hear right now.

Try not to let your blood pressure rise upon reading this, but Jamaica has offered to send aid and personel to help the devastated region, but the U.S. government has refused the offer. I had read something similar about Canada offering to help and the U.S. government turning them down, but because the only source I could find was a liberal blog and not a legit news organization, I couldn't post it here in good conscience. However, we have confirmation from Jamaica that this is going on. Good enough.

The head trauma surgeon at Charity Hospital is begging for help to get his patients evacuated while he watches Tulane University Hospital just down the street complete its evacuation. Here's the thing: Charity Hospital is one of the poorest hostpials in the nation. It serves people who have no health insurance and no money to pay for care. Tulane is where the people with health insurance go. According to a Charity Hospital nurse who called in to AirAmerica today as part of the staff's effort to get the word out to any and all government officials who might be listening: they have no food, no water, no electricity. They're fighting off looters and they're fighting to keep patients alive and safe in stone age conditions.

As for my last rage-fueled post, let me be clear:

I've been trolling all over the place for news where I could find it. It's my never-quite killed reporter's instinct kicking in. I've got the Google-fu skillz, and I've got the soapbox. I can't resist. So I've been posting links with little or no comment.

However, today was just too much and the frustration spilled over. People are dying on the streets. Law enforcement officials on the ground are in tears. The devastation across the region is apocalyptic in nature and scope.

And I've been treated to a dose a of Marie Antoinette from the Administrative Branch of our Government.

Luckily, the Legislative Branch is not. Congress plans to pass emergency aid before tomorrow morning. In addition, some House members are proposing legislation that would prevent new bankruptcy provisions from harming Gulf Staters now facing financial catastrophe because of Katrina.

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