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Katrina News Links Update

Note to self: Do not watch the morning news on your day off.

The American Red Cross relief efforts. Choose "Hurricane 2005" relief on the donations page.

Second Harvest, the food bank network, relief efforts. To donate funds, go here.

First some clarifications from my last post. I was linking as news was coming in last night, so apologies. Things are changing fast on the ground.

To be fair to Houston and all Texans opening their hearts, public spaces, and homes to refugees from the Gulf States, I suspect officials have been overwhelmed and really had no idea that bad was as bad as it was. The Houston Chronicle is covering relief efforts in their neck of the woods. It's one thing to step up to the plate, it's something else entirely when you realize that housing, feeding, clothing all those people safely is way more of a logistical nightmare than you anticipated. Refugees are being routed to local shelters and other public spaces.

And read this article from the Houston Chornicle about about the heroic bus thief from NOLA who copped to his "crime" the second he got himself and the people he rescued to the Astrodome. As the columnist pointed out, not all stealing is created equal.

Dear god. Is there anything still standing in Gulfport and Biloxi? Anything? How did anyone survive? The source of the video, WLOX-TV has updated coverage for Mississippi on recovery efforts.

Tulane University has a fascinating historical record of Katrina's approach and aftermath. Start at the bottom and scoll up. Please note: they began battening down the hatches on Saturday, August 27. My ass no one knew Katrina would be bad.

For the weather geeks: Weather Underground has a technical overview of Katrina.

via insominia: Earlier reports that NOLA author Robert Asprin evacuated may not be true. He is apparantly missing.

Horror author and NOLA native Poppy Z. Brite originally planned to ride out the storm, but opted to leave. She is alive and well and posting in her LJ docbrite.

The Washington Times, may be the only newspaper in America even more pro-Bush and pro-Republican than The Manchester Union-Leader, rips a new orafice in Bush.

USA Today succinctly outlines that it isn't just that 5,900 National Guard troops from Louisianna and Mississippi are in Iraq that's the problem. It's that the kind of troops trained to deal with civil unreast and their rescue equipment are in Iraq.

For people wondering why I lost my shit over Condi buying shoes in NYC while disaster unfolded in NOLA, here's why. She's the Secretary of State. It's her job to coordinate the more than 30 offers of aid from international sources. Her ass should've been in D.C., not shopping in NYC.

Speaking of international aid, amy_star_ pointed me to an article that Canadian rescue workers are now in Louisianna. Thanks for the link!

Speaking of vacations, but, excuse me? Our vice president is still on vacation in Wyoming? Scroll down to find the headline "Where's Cheney?"

Today, more people lost their shit.

Mayor Nagin is still in NOLA and he is exhausted, pissed, and in tears. So are the reporters. Check CNN for a truncated video. Here's a more detailed audio interview with radio station WWLAM — NOLA where the honorable Mayor lays it on the line and sets the record straight about the condition on the ground. I highly recommend this startingly honest and straight-talking interview. You have never heard a politician talk like this. Best quote: "I'm probably going to get into so much trouble that it ain't even funny. They probably aren't going to want to even deal with me after this interview is over."

House member Rep. Charles W. Boustany Jr. (R-La.), reports he spent 48 hours trying to convince the White House that the shit had hit the fan.

Paula Zahn lost her patience with FEMA head Mike Brown by telling him point-blank: "Sir, you're not telling me, you're not telling me you just learned that the folks at the convention center didn't have food and water until today did you? You had no idea they were cut off?" The incredulous tone really makes it.

Ted Koppel joins in her sheer disbelief.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. Turns out that our FEMA director was forced to resign from the International Arabian Horses Association because of lawsuits. (Scroll down to: "Dear NHAHA Members").

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