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Strictly Frivolous

I feel guilty. No links to anything. Just me with my brains leaking out of my ears.

After posting my last link update, I attempted to clean the house, which turned into a much bigger project than I anticipated.

That's when I realized: I've basically lost three or four days. *headdesk*

Ahhhh, why I'm no longer a reporter. I get too obsesseive for my own good. My 8-hour days always turned into 16-hour days. Which kind of happened again.

So, no work was done (at all) on fixing up the next part of Water Hold Me Down.

I'm five days behind on the Acme Heartbreak Repair Kit for booster17, which took a disturbing left turn into some territory I'm not pleased with. I'm so displeased that I'm almost tempted to start from scratch. Sadly, I'm debating whether I'd be better off trying something completely different with a weaker idea, or fixing what I've got, which has a stronger idea, but is being poorly executed.

Gah. I can't even look at it until Monday since I've got a mega busy weekend coming up. Thank god I have Monday off. I'm hoping that my head is on straighter come Monday.

Also, thanks to everyone who's commented and read my obsessive news posts for the past few days. I've been very poor about responding (apologies) but I got caught up in chasing down links. This blogging thing is much harder than it looks, especially when you're trying to double-check everything and track it back to a source that most people — regardless of personal or political beliefs — would consider reasonable sources.

Some of those dudes out there make it look easy.

The posts are staying up if you want to click on any of the links or hunt down blogs that are doing a much better job reporting on the situation as it unfolds or are collecting information from people who are still in the hurricane ravaged areas.

And thanks for putting up with me. :-)

This LJ will now return to it's usual frivolous reason for existing.

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