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Hometown Pride (Same-Sex Marriage), Pimping a Fic, Living History update

Testimony of Lizbeth Marcs


How to Turn the World Upside Down Using Common Decency

I grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. Fucking hated the place. Hated. Never felt like I belonged there. My family, I love them to pieces. All of them. I dig my parents. Had a reasonably happy childhood. Problem was, I hated the place. In my heart of hearts, wanted us to pick up and move to Providence. Because Providence is cool with its corrupt ways, great cityscape, Rhode Island 'tude, and out-and-out character.

But Worcester. Worcester! Bleh. Heart of Massachusetts. Seven hills surrounding a valley. Dying factory town with a depressing cityscape. Dull. Boring. Small-town conservative minds. Days of grey.

The only thing it has culturally speaking is the Centrum (civic center).

Paris of Massachusetts my ass.

Over the years, hatred turned to dislike and indifference. I often have joked that if I didn't have family there, I'd never, ever go there for any reason. Hell, I live near Boston. Why would I?

I've claimed to be from Providence, Boston, Northampton, Nashua, Beverly (near Salem)...anywhere but Worcester.

Then a wonderful thing happened. A marvelous thing. A thing that makes me think I need to rethink my once-despised hometown.

The City Clerk of Worcester, along with the town clerk of Provincetown and the city clerk of Somerville, told the Governor of Massachusetts to get stuffed. Loudly. Repeatedly. The three intrepid clerks are basically daring Governor Marriage-Should-Only-Be-Between-a-Man-and-Woman-Who-Cares-What-the-State-Supreme-Court-Says Mitt Romney to arrest their asses.


Because when Same-Sex Marriage goes legal on May 17 (Monday) they will marry same-sex couples without asking for proof residency. Without focing those couples to comply with a 1913 law that's never been enforced and was passed to prevent out-of-state mixed-race couples from getting a Marriage License with the Seal of the Commonwealth on it.

In short, they have announced for all the world to hear that they will treat same-sex couples seeking a marriage license no differently than the heterosexual couples that come before them seeking a marriage license. They will not ask for proof of residency. They will not demand proof that their Same-Sex Marriage is legal in their home states. They will merely ask them to sign the same affadavit that heterosexual couples must sign before issuing the license.

They won't treat same-sex couples any differently than mixed-sex couples.

They will follow the law as ruled on by the State Supreme Court.

What a concept!

And if Romney wants to arrest their asses for complying with the law as it's currently enforced, he can kiss all three of their asses and toss them in jail.

So I ask those of you who support same-sex marriage as a legal right designed to protect committed couples of all stripes to please take a moment and give your props to:

David J. Rushford, City Clerk, Worcester, Massachuetts

John J. Long, City Clerk, Somerville, Massachusetts

Doug Johnstone, Town Clerk, Provincetown, Massachusetts

(For the full coverage of Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts from the Boston Globe, here's the link:

My world has changed in a blink of an eye.

For the first time ever, I feel like I can jut my chin out, look my fellow man in the eye and say with pride, "I'm from Worcester, Massachusetts. You got a problem with that?"

Now on to more light-hearted matters.

whiskyinmind has a damn fine short-n-sweet story in her LJ called, Happy in a Land of Us. Perfect Andrew voice. I spent part of it going, "Hunh?" and then I got the kicker at the end. Go. Read. And I'm not just sayin' because there's a brief glimpse of wonderful Xander-Faithness.

And now, new Living History part.


Up to part 52 can be found here

Continued from here

The world resolved into black and white. Faith shook her head to bring color back into her vision, only to have it explode into angry reds and bright oranges.

And pain. Can’t forget the pain.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” she softly groaned.

“She’s coming to!” shouted a male voice.

Faith blindly reached out, grabbed hold of some cloth, and shook. “Shut. Up.”


A hand curled around her fistful of cloth. “Faith, you’re strangling Charlie,” a soft voice said.

Faith let go, registered the sound of someone falling backwards, and slit open her eyes to see the worried face of Catherine looking down at her.

“Welcome back to the world,” the Watcher Honoria grinned. “Your flight was interrupted by a wall.”

She heard some muffled sounds of fighting echoing through the chamber.

“Wha…” Faith began.

“We think they found the snake. Or it found them,” Willow’s worried face popped into view.

“Can you get up?” Catherine asked.

Faith crawled stiffly to her feet and felt the familiar kick followed by a tingle signaling that superfast healing was finally getting to work. While there was no way she’d be at 100 percent any time before tomorrow, at least she’ll be able to move without passing out.

“Ruda?” Faith asked.

“Standing by the entrance in case the monster on the other side gets past the others,” Catherine said. “You were injured just about the time the fight started, so she’s staying put. She knows her duty.”

“Go,” Faith winced at the sound of her own voice echoing in her head. “Sounds to me if it gets by Xander, Robin, and the others we’ll knee deep in the shit. I’ll get over there as soon as I find my head.”

Catherine nodded and swirled away.

Faith’s vision greyed slightly and she felt Willow’s hand catch her elbow.

“Turn down the light, will ya? You’re not fucking helping,” Faith complained.

“Sorry.” Willow mumbled a word and killed her glow, plunging the cavern into darkness. Scattered headlamp lights indicated where everyone was.

“HEY!” several voices shouted in unison.

“I’ll turn it on in a sec!” Willow shouted back, causing Faith to wince at the volume. “Faith’s all headache-y, so let me help her first.”

“Shit,” Faith hissed as her hands slowly traveled up her face. She felt cuts and bruises, but no headband.

“Your personal light got a little crunchy in the fall,” Willow said.

“Ah. An’ whaddya doin’ here?” Her mouth felt like it was full of cotton. “Grail?”

“J’Nal figured he better do some tests and see if he can’t breach the barrier before we try again.” Willow jerked her head in the direction Faith guessed the Grail was located.

The Slayer leaned against the cavern wall to get her bearings and—slowly, slowly, she reminded herself—opened her eyes a little wider and looked around.

In the center of the chamber J’Nal was pacing around the raised platform, hands gracefully gesturing in front of him, as the air around the Grail crackled and slightly glowed.

“He’s exciting the molecules that are holding the spell together,” Willow explained, not that Faith could really follow what she was saying. “It’s not exactly an anti-spell, more like oblique force the makes the spell turn on itself. Think of it as hitting something at an angle instead of head on or in a T-crash.”

“Do you understand it?” Faith asked.

Willow threw the other witch a worried look. “Sort of. The mechanics are pretty clear-cut, but I’m not entirely sure how you can do something like that without setting off a an out-of-control chain reaction.”

“Which would be bad?”

“Ever hear of nuclear bomb?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Same principle, only you’ve got it happening on a controlled, microscopic level. One wrong step and all the cute little booms become one big fatal boom.”

“Terrific.” Faith finally felt brave enough to stand on her feet without support. “Why didn’t you do something like that before I stuck my finger in a goddamn light socket?”

“I didn’t know you could do something like that,” Willow admitted. “J’Nal explained it to me. Theory I get. Practice? Too scared to even try.”

Faith swallowed down the nauseous feeling. “So what you’re telling me is that their witch could beat our witch if it came to a smackdown?”

Willow’s eyebrows lowered and there was a flash of something in her eyes that immediately made Faith regret even thinking of asking that question. Without a doubt, when it came to magic, Willow had a pride in her talents that could easily be of the before-the-fall variety.

“Tough call,” all trace of Geek Girl was gone from Willow’s voice. “It’s not that he’s more powerful, I know I have that on my side. It’s just that he really knows how to use what he’s got.”

“Let’s not test it,” Faith quickly said.

Willow gave her a tight nod, and went over to Dawn and Andrew, once against powering up her inner light as she traversed the cavern.

Faith let out a breath, swiped her hair out of her face, and tried to calm her screaming Slayer sense. Fuck me. And Xander called her Tinkerbell? Boy’s an idiot or has a death wish. Can’t figure out which.


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