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Seeking MP3 File

Please post your suggestion for a charity that can help Katrina survivors with their long-term needs.

The resolution to the "paperweight situation" is moving ahead. I will (hopefully) be going live at home again Friday or Saturday.

Anyway, I need help from my Flist. I am looking for 'Loch Lomond' by the Harvard Krokodiloes. The Kroks are an a capella group up here in Boston but I truly do need this song for my Water Hold Me Down soundtrack. They're a very good all-male collegiate vocal ensemble and I know there are a capella fans on my FList who could potentially help me out here.

If you'd like a taste of what they sound like, here's some MP3s from their page. (right-click save to get the file).

Runaround Sue

Danny Boy

Wonderful World


MacNamara's Band

Tracks of My Tears

So, help me out here guys! 'Loch Lomond' is on every single CD these guys have released, but they haven't made an MP3 available of it.

I'm down on my knees over here.

Picture me giving you puppy-dog eyes until someone sends me the file.

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