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Quick issues

For some bizarre reason, my home DSL has decided to go all pissy on me this weekend. I can't seem to get on the Net.

Hopefully, the nice folks at Verizon will help me settle it tonight. I suspect I may just have to reset my DSL, but for some bizarre reason, the Verizon software hates my computer. Or hates me. Not sure.

Either way, apologies for taking a powder, but it can't be helped. If it turns out that that I need something replaced(*shudder*), I'll try to sneak new parts up from work.

Hopefully my limited access won't be as limited in a few days.

On a good note: Lack of Internet access forced me to relook at a not-yet-published-part-no-not-even-on-the-test-list "Living History" part and rewrite it. Also, it forced me to sit down and do more tweaking with the idea of "time drift" for Living History. I had been playing around the edges with it, I have the theory sketched out, but it requires some tweaking and I had a eureka! moment.

On a bad note: I managed to lock myself out of my car this morning. An HOUR for AAA. Needless to say, I'll be at work hella late tonight.


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