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gakked from Metafilter.

What if The Shining (Jack Nicholson version) was made today? The use of Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel in the trailer is what really makes it!

Heeee! QTime needed.

Now, if you don't mind, I'll be joining mustangsally78 in the Serenity-hatin' ghetto. It's right next door to my Veronica Mars-hatin' ghetto.

The thing is, I don't hate Serenity or Firefly because "they took Joss away from BtVS or AtS." If Firefly was something resembling good (IMHO) or unique (Cowboy Bebop, anyone?), I would've forgiven all. But really, I didn't like it on the tube, and I dumped the series from my Netflix cue after watching the first disc.

I think I dislike Firefly because that was the series where I began to suspect that JW = Gene Roddenberry: a television writer/producer who had one damn fine idea — the kind of idea that has a huge impact on pop culture and maybe even society — and then proceeded to viciously beat it into the ground using every weapon at his disposal. The problem? They both only have one good idea and they keep (or kept, in the case of ol' Gene) recycling it.

Looking at JW's past work and then looking ahead at his future plans, all I can see are plots that I can sum up as "one female in all the world/universe who will kick bad guy ass but obviously can't handle the power because she's batshit crazy or will go batshit crazy" coming out of JW.

*headdesk deaddesk*

JW: The man is to feminism what what regular ingestion of rat poison is to a healthy lifestyle.


To that end, I plan to do something wicked fun this weekend instead of handing over my cash to JW and encouraging him to keep pumping out more of the same.

Hello Big E! 'Tis time to pay homage to my cheesy love for massive state fairs. Because, goddamn, I want a massive Big E Cream Puff made with fresh cream, bitches!

And raid the Avenue of States for freebies and parades.

And, of course, Chinese acrobats.

Because, dude, it ain't a state fair unless you watch super-skinny talented people and whine that you'll never be that thin while munching on a big-ol' cream puff that promises to make you gain 10 pounds just by looking at it.

Just sayin'.

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