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A request to my FList (re: same sex marriage)

To All the People Getting Married Today in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:


Allow one of your neighbors to propose a virtual toast.

*May you be able to not just celebrate your first and second aniversaries, but also your third.

*Today is your day. Enjoy it.

*Take heart from the fact that in all those thousands of people turning out at city and town halls across the state, 99% of them are cheering--the other 1% know better than to try and be disruptive--plus, most of that 1% is from out of state

*I've seen your pictures on you all look beautiful

*When the furor dies down and the news cameras turn somewhere else, here's hoping that this foolishness turns into the biggest nonstory of the century--complete with a lack of breakdown in the social mores, violence against GLBT citizens, and bolts of lightening striking us all dead

Today is a good day to live in Massachusetts, whether you're straight, gay, bisexual, or transgendered.

And damn it! I got a tear in my eye looking at all these pictures on where people are coming out and impromptu creating aisles for happy couples to march down as they leave Boston City hall among cheering.

I always cry at a good wedding...and right now I'm looking at hundreds.

I know this isn't the end of the fight, but just the start. I am well aware that there's still a chance that this may be taken away from you in November 2006 if the *ptui* ammendment passes the constitutional convention next year and voters agree to it (see first statement)--high hurdles, I know, but I know that this is the first step.

Best of luck to you all getting married today. My well-wishes for you all.

(who now will slink back to work)

Request to My Flist:

If at all possible, please raise a virtual glass on your own journal (provided it doesn't go against your conscience) and please offer your well-wishes to my Commonwealth neighbors. Even something as simple as "Good Luck," or warm support. Something to virtually mark this day would be great. And gaak it around people. I wanna see my FList light up.

Thank you.

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