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BtVS Fanfic Writer Asks Questions (Non-Judgemental)

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Now that's out of the way.

I got me some questions, sparked mostly by the meta on going around on the FList regarding BtVS characterization. After pinging around my FList for an hour or so, I got to wondering, I mean really wondering, about why fanfic writers are attracted to the characters they are.

For example, at the risk of sounding like a stereotypical Xander fan, I'm going to bring Spike into it.

Let me clear, the only reason why I'm bringing Spike even into this is because there actually does seem to be a strange splinter line between fans of the two characters. I am not comparing Xander vs. Spike because that way lies the way to madness. I prefer look at characters on their own merits (or lack thereof). Xander and Spike are two very different characters in two very different circumstances, so IMHO, comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges: you can't.

You can like apples without liking oranges. You can like oranges without liking apples. And you can like both apples and oranges. And if you like neither, it also does not automatically follow that you don't like fruit.

Having said that:

I don't hate Spike as a character...Collapse )

Yet, I love Xander as a character...Collapse )

Which brings me around to the purpose of this post.

I'm curious, legitimately curious about why people are drawn to the characters they are, whether you're talking about canon, fanfic writing, or fanfic reading. What characters are your goldmine characters? What characters captivate you? What characters give you that little "eureka" moment?

But more importantly, why do they grab you?

So, here's the deal:

Some Rules of EngagementCollapse )

Right, now that's out of the way, I'm gonna post some questions (regarding the "why I love" angle) under the cut. To be fair, I'm also going to post my answers. I'm not going to debate them. I'm just stating my opinion (and only my opinion) the way I hope other people will come here and state theirs.

So, here goes...

Questions, Questions. I got questions.Collapse )

Okay. I've babbled long enough. I'm not expecting an essay. I'm just throwing my own hat in the ring.

But now I want to hear what you think about your favorite and hated characters. Rant away! I want to hear/read it!

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