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Awwww, if I couldn't love you guys more..

After checking some Water Hold Me Down snippets I was massaging earlier today, I decided to do my usual check the political blog thing.

Crooks and Liars is one of my favorite sites already because it's an online version of The Daily Show and does everyone an invaluable service by posting video clips of politicians saying dumb things or even contradicting themselves. Plus, the occassional clip of Real Time with Bill Maher and The Daily Show helps.

If I couldn't love these guys any more, they introduced two discussion threads using Xander quotes. There's a third discussion thread headed by a quote from Buffy.

Not important really. Just wanted to share my unreasonable glee that one of my favorite poltical sites quoted my favorite Buffy-verse character twice.

I'm feeling unaccountably warm and fuzzy now.

*toddles off to bed*

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