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Living History

I have to try this... liz_marcs Wheee! Apparantly I'm North Atlantic blue.


Fell asleep last night on the couch catching up with my taped Deep Space Nine episodes. I saw 'Paradise Lost' and 'Homefront,' the two parter that aired Friday. At the time I saw them what seems like a million years ago, they were interesting. Now? The two episodes seem more precient and chilling. Frightening what a few years can do.

Anyway, new Living History part...


Up to part 53 can be found here

Continued from here

Buffy heard a wail above the din of the fight. She spun around, ducking and weaving, trying to get a fix on the source. Lo and behold, she spotted that Andrea was down and clutching her wrist in a way that indicated major hurt.

I gotta get to her before these guys do, she thought as slid in and around her swinging opponents.

She could hear the girls yelling, and hollering, and hitting the enemy with everything they had. Swords had been tossed aside when it became clear that weapons didn’t make a dent. Right now the fight was little more than a brawl as the Slayers fought to keep the dirt creatures busy and away from the crypt and the dirt creatures were doing their best to knock the girls out of commission.

Talk about your mousetrap. I can’t even begin to find a way out of this, Buffy thought as she broke through to Andrea. She scooped the other Slayer up and scanned the fight for an opening that would let her get Andrea in the clear.

Then it hit her.

Son of a…

She was standing in an island of calm. No one and nothing was approaching her. There wasn’t even any fighting in the immediate area.

Wait, wait. They knock down someone who’s been hitting at them all night and when she’s helpless, they don’t finish her off? They just leave her there?


Then again, whenever any of them got knocked out of the fray the dirty uglies weren’t exactly lumbering over for a coup de grace even when the coup was for the having.

That makes utterly and completely no sense.



“Yeah?” the girl sniffled.

“I’m going to put you down. Don’t. Move.”


“I’m putting you down on the ground. Right here. Don’t move. Pretend you’re knocked out.”

“You’re leaving me here?” Andrea twisted herself out of Buffy’s arms, landing on the ground with a thump.

“No…no…I just want to…I think this isn’t as bad as…”

“I heard about Sunnydale,” Andrea accused as she got to her feet. “You let other girls die and you buried them in your backyard. You’re not doing that to…”

Buffy reached out and yanked the girl to her. “Listen to me…nothing’s going to happen to you. I won’t let it happen.”

A fist slammed down on her shoulder, sending her reeling to the ground. She saw one of the dirt guys scoop the struggling Andrea up and head into the darkness.

“NO!” Buffy shouted as she hopped to her feet. She took off in pursuit, desperate to get Andrea back. There was an off chance she was wrong and maybe these dirt thingies really were going to go for a kill.

The man made of dirt sped across the ground while Andrea twisted helplessly in its grip. Buffy was so focused on gaining on her quarry, that she didn’t sense a second dirt monster was chasing her until it was too late. She felt herself lifted up and tossed over its shoulder.

“Let me down you big moose!” she shouted, pounding uselessly against its back.

Next thing she knew, she was airborne.

“I said let me down! Not throw me! Ooooooof!” Buffy rolled across the hardscrabble ground before coming to a stop on her stomach. She desperately shook her head and scrambled to her feet, half-expecting a finishing blow. So needless to say she was shocked when she realized that she was…

“Alone,” she said quietly. She narrowed her eyes and looked around.

Oooo, lookie there. The cemetery fence. Problem was that she was on the wrong side of it if she wanted to charge back into the fight.

“Heh.” Buffy slapped a hand over her mouth to prevent the laugh of relief from bubbling up. She was right.

“What’s so funny,” Andrea’s voice demanded.

Buffy bounded a little closer to the fence, feeling a whole let better than she had since before the night began. “Where are you?”

“Over here,” Andrea limped out of the shadows looking mightily pissed. “Just what did you think…”

Buffy grabbed the younger girl and pulled her into a hug. “I was right. I was right. I was right.”

“Ow! Hey! Lemme go!” Andrea protested.

Buffy held the other girl out at arm’s length, goofy grin spreading across her face. “Don’t you get it? They’re not trying to kill us.”

“Sez you,” Andrea backed away, rubbing her ass. “I’m black-and-blue all over.”

“But you’re alive,” Buffy pointed out as she stepped back and studied the fence. “We’re alive. They’re just guards. More like robot-y guards. It’s probably just a really simple spell and…crap…Willow’s not here. Betchya they’ve only got simple instructions, like, no killing people in the cemetery unless they’re grail-having.”

“So, we’re what? Fighting to the pain?” Andrea huffed as she gingerly held her injured wrist.

“Right now, yeah,” Buffy said as she paced the fence. Damn! Spikes at the top. I could probably clear it, but I’m not sure Andrea could. “We have to get back.”

“Whoa! Hold up!” Andrea protested. “I’m not keen on losing body parts.”

Buffy let out an irritated breath as she glared at the other Slayer over her shoulder. “Right now, they’re just trying to drive us away, probably so they have a clear shot at our friends.”

“But you don’t know that,” Andrea pointed out.

“I don’t want to test it,” Buffy growled. “But it makes a twisted sort of sense because we’ve got stories okay, only two examples, but still where they toss people out but don’t kill them, right? But who knows what’s going to happen if our friends manage to get the grail in their hands. To the pain might turn into to the death and we have to destroy these guys before that happens.”

Andrea dug in her heels. “You’re guessing.”

Buffy gave up, mostly because she was afraid of running out of time. “It’s the best I got right now so unless you have a better idea? No? Look, you don’t want to fight? Fine. But if you change your mind, I need someone to help me pass the word to the Slayers who are fighting. They need to know and we need to find a way to stop them before the grail makes its guest appearance.” She turned on her heel and began running for the entrance.

Andrea watched her jog away, sour look on her face. “Forget it. I’m not going.”

A twig cracked behind her.

“On second thought…” Andrea began as she chased after Buffy. “Hey! Wait up!”


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