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Mystery of the Ages

Random Question

If you were an ancient God-King, what form of technology would impress you? The eat-laser-death-infidel-die-die-die cannon that can be mounted on the back of a pick-up truck isn't working out for me.

This is a very sad thing.

For some reason, I keep thinking: "Kitchen gadgets! Kitchen gadgets rawk! Go-Go Kitchen Gadget!"

Oh, pooh. Now I'm obsessing about kitchen gadgets. This bodes not at all well for me.

I truly need an alternative here. Much as I'm tempted to try zombies on pogo-sticks or monkies with jetpacks (both things that can always be used to improve a story), I must resist.

Random Mystery

Why do people sing in the shower?

No, seriously.

I am, at this current time, "enjoying" a seranade by my next-door-neighbor's 14-year-old daugher.

She's singing something that may be Metallica. Could also be Briteny Spears, y'all. Kinda hard to tell. Whatever she's singing it's out of her range

[Note to self: must Google to find out if it's possible to "sing out of your range" when one doesn't actually have a range.]

This, by the way, is not aiding me in my blank stare at WORD. Yes, yes, a very blank stare indeed.

I blame the soundtrack which....

She's obviously at the bridge because the squeaking has picked up in volume and increased in pitch.

I can tell because a glass just shattered.

I may be required to retaliate.

I mean, why can't she do something normal like argue with imaginary characters in the shower? Or beat her head against the shower tile?

Christ, I think my ears are bleeding.

On the Whole, It Could Be Worse

I could be the guy who...

had to auction off a pair of leather pants.

wrote an open letter to the person who stole his camera why he has 17 pictures of a cat's ass in memory.

spent more than $6,000 to go on the 'Ultimate Hippie Vacation.'


Kitchen gadgets....

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