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Fanmix Challenge!

Tired of the same old, same old songs on fanmixes?

Want to hear something different? Or want to show off your taste in music?

Afraid that your music collection isn't large enough to make a really good mix?

Does your graphic-making skills suck?

Have no fear, the 2005fanmixes challenge is here!

norabombay, in hopes of introducing fandom to new music by new artists, has created the challenge community, which will run between now and January 1, 2006, specifically to create mixes.

No need to create cover art.

Any fandom is fair game. Any character and any pairing is welcome.

Mixes are limited to 10 songs.

There are additional rules, of course (namely, a list of songs that will not be accepted on any mix; don't worry, it's short).

Join the community here.

*rubs chin*

Iiiiiiiinteresting, only 10 songs per fandom, hunh?

Come and join me for a little fun for the music exchange!

p.s. — still feel like crap; but thanks for the well-wishes.

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