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Raids on the Live Music Archive....

Ahhhhh, I forgot that Guster live is superior to Guster in the recording studio.

I'm now DL a live performance from a new (to me, anyway) band called Of A Revolution aka O.A.R. that's been getting high marks on the Live Music Archive site. A quick visit to their website makes me think this might be worth the high-hurdles to do it.

Plus, I should note, O.A.R. allows visitors to stream their albums on their web site, so yay! Nice to give a taste! I just may end up throwing money their way. Maybe. I haven't decided yet.

Three cheers for the Live Music Archive, even if DL and unzipping the files, and using multiple codecs to translate the files to WAV or MP3 can be a pain in the ass.


I visit the Live Music Archive enough that I decided to get a virtual library card.

I'm a sad, sad little girl.

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